About Alice Zucca

about Alice zucca she is an art historian, about Alice zucca she is a journalist .


About Alice Zucca

Alice Zucca

Alice Zucca is an Art Historian, independent curator,  journalist, public relations and image building consultant specializing in art, culture, photography, luxury, design, architecture and hospitality. 

With a career spanning since 2016, Alice has been actively engaged in publishing and journalism, working across various communication channels ranging from traditional and online press to digital, social, and new media. She has served as a press officer and visual creator for esteemed international brands, artists, communication agencies, events, architects and galleries worldwide. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of skills, including written and visual communication, profile and story development, branding, art direction, project management, and media relations.

She is the founder of the specialized platform XIBT that includes an international magazine published on a quarterly basis and focused on contemporary art and photography.